Pinkflake is a fiat currency exchange, not a cryptocurrency exchange. That means we only provide access to the exchange of fiat currencies. Given the volatility and security concerns with crypto lately, as well as the unresolved regulatory landscape, we will not be launching with any form of crypto trading to start. Pinkflake is headquartered in Austin Texas and in early development and funding stages. Pinkflake will launch in early Fall 2024 in both English and Spanish as a currency trading coaching and crowdfunding platform. Pinkflake is actively seeking certified B-corp status. 


Currently the team consists of founder Mateo Gutiérrez who has been working in emerging internet tech since 2000 as a product and marketing manager in startups, large multinationals and he has launched two previous companies both with a strong social mission. Mateo has been successfully trading fiat currency for the past ten years and developed a proven day trading strategy that he brings to the launch of Pinkflake. In addition, Mateo has worked in online games, virtual worlds and social media platforms and media companies for over 20 years creating deeply engaged and rewarding communities online. Mateo is an artist and a serial social-entrepreneur. You can view Mateo's Linkedin profile here.  


During the financial crisis of 2008-2010 Mateo became especially aware of wealth inequality and injustice in the US. He lost his job and with it his health insurance, just as he was facing a health crisis in his own home that nearly bankrupted his family. Then in 2020 COVID affected us all, but this time he was prepared, because he had been trading currencies for many years. During COVID people in every part of society were losing their jobs, shuttering their businesses, scared, at home, wondering how to make a living and what was next, and essential workers were suffering unthinkable working and living conditions. In 2020 alone 10 million people opened trading accounts - most of whom were novices - making 2020 the single largest year for new traders coming online ever, but how many remain today? Probably not many, sadly, because trading is both difficult and lonely. Mateo decided that it was time to do something and not sit on the sidelines any longer. He began working on a concept for tackling the barriers to day-trading head on as a way to help others realize financial security. Having been self-taught in trading he had looked at everything on the web for years. Countless courses and their trading "gurus" promised yachts and easy money year after year, most all selling simple technical patterns with no real long term strategy for actual sustainable and financially life-supporting trading. He found countless one off trades and no real long term competence. This was a huge gap. Largely speaking, with few exceptions, people were either being outright scammed or set up for failure. 

The single greatest issue he identified was that no matter what online course you take, trading is hard to do at first, and almost no one has the stomach for that kind of risk, and if you are financially struggling, you simply cannot take that risk. Trading Forex is great if you already have money to burn, but "Who is that really helping?", he asked. The vast majority of people simply don't want to take that kind of risk.  Recently we have seen the advent of "prop-trading" firms, who, for a fee, allow you to take a trading assessment, and if you pass it they will let you trade using their capital with a significant profit split. This works great for people who know how to trade. But what about that person who knows nothing about trading, has no money to burn and is craving financial freedom and security? That was his "aha moment". He realized that people were alone in their trading onboarding. People were getting lost in the very early stages. They couldn't get past that very difficult and scary first few months or years of trading because they were, at the end of the day, alone, potentially losing their hard earned money, with no lifeline. Out of that simple realization, he evolved an idea of how to guide people through learning to trade step by step in a truly hand-held manner with little or no financial risk, to bridge past the "valley of fear" and into long term and sustainable trading. 

He envisioned a coaching platform that was more like a community, a membership platform in which people learn to trade from a professional team of in-house traders, a platform that helps you learn how trading works, how to file your taxes, all of it and does so slowly while allowing you to earn. As part of the concept he also envisioned a built in crowdfunding platform funded by a portion of the company revenue and member donations that goes directly back to the Pinkflake community to help people in any number of ways: pay bills, get legal support or pay for health care or educational needs or just have the funds to start trading themselves. His bottom line was that online trading needed to function in a more egalitarian manner. Mateo put idea to pen & paper and launched Pinkflake as a concept company in 2022, with the goal of a full live site launch in 2023.