How It Works

Our vision is to build a currency trading community that guides new traders into successful trading through live coaching and becomes homebase for a life of financial security and freedom. 

Our singular differentiator is that we are not a school, we are a destination for realizing your financial goals. When you walk in the online door at Pinkflake we teach you how to succeed at trading at no charge. We only make money once you are making money. So, everything we do is an investment in your success. 

Details of How It Works

When people arrive at they will be greeted with an onboarding process in which they are asked what their near term life goals are, how trading directly fits into those goals and will help them succeed, what they are hoping to change personally and financially, what holds them back, why they want to make these changes and what they want to contribute back to the Pinkflake community. We help our clients set clear and realistic goals and provide a roadmap with milestones that provides daily notifications and nudges and recognizes when they reach their goals and how to adjust goals when things fall behind. This core process will be live and ongoing, not a once off and will be driven by a smart AI motivational toolset. Motivation, goals and reaching those goals is our number one priority. Customers will pay nothing for this onboarding process. Everything is free of charge. We don't earn until you start earning.

Everyone goes through this onboarding process and it is a pass or fail process. For some people Pinkflake may simply not be a fit. We are not a place to come make your millions in the shortest time possible and walk away. We are a community and our goal is to help you attain your individual, realistic, long term, and sustainable income goals so that you can get offline and go live the life you dream of. We want people trading on Pinkflake who are aligned with that purpose and who are willing to contribute back to the Pinkflake community. We are breaking the financial "scarcity" model. If that's not your jam, we respect that. There is no charge for the onboarding process and if you pass the onboard phase there are no monthly fees, no one time payment dues, nothing. We make money only when you make money in a simple commission structure based on your successful trades. 

New members will go through a very easy training phase in which they can learn at their own pace, and then pick the hours they want to be trading, set their goals for the day, week and month. When they log on to the trading platform for the first time and from each point afterward they will be paired with a live coach who will be there live-trading and showing them what they do each day. Eventually, members can trade on their own and/or use our automated guided trading system. 

Pinkflake will be video rich, giving every member access to our coaches in real time with tools to allow them to learn visually and ask questions. 

In sum, we are bringing five game changing evolutions to online trading:

1) "Earn while you learn."

Our monetization model is: We earn when you earn. We don't charge fees for long lectures and endless video tutorials. You start on the Pinkflake platform and are assisted through your learning curve while earning right from the beginning. You set goals and we help you reach them from day one.

2) "You are not alone."

Our trading platform pairs you with a live video streaming coach who teaches you the ropes every day whenever you login. Every step of the Pinkflake process is guided. 

3) "Let us do the work."

We provide a fully automated guided trading option once you pass through the novice stage in which you can pick your favorite coach or coaches and the system will allow you to trade with them. 

4) "We rise together"

25% of all Pinkflake revenue goes directly into our crowdfund platform where other members may also contribute. These funds are distributed amongst members however the community sees fit through a voting system. We care. We share.

5) "Knowledge is power."

Financial freedom and security only comes with financial knowledge. We will have a team of financial coaches available to our members to guide them through filing their taxes, becoming debt free, good debt vs bad debt, legal needs regarding financial matters, setting goals, creating a budget and much more.